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A Hotel for the Arts

Artist Randy Settenbrino spent five years on an Art, Preservation and Design project. Guests as well as many people exploring the Lower East Side have referred to the Blue Moon Hotel as NYCs Hotel for the Arts. In a recent interview, Randy clarified his views on art and the transformations that take place in the process.

What is the Purpose of Art

"The main purpose of man is to create, and it is hardwired into his essence. In Genesis, G-d comes upon a canvas "desolate and empty"; inspired, He creates and forms by separating and adding "darkness/light dry land/waters". He brings forth vibrant color in the verdant greens of the earth, fish and coral reefs of the ocean and the birds of the sky, all culminating in his piece de resistance: man. "Let man be formed in the divine image". The snake entices through the Tree of Knowledge {"ye shall be as G-d"}. Like modern man, he has lost a meaningful world in exchange for a man-centered world. A world where there is no hope of finding oneself outside of a means of transcendence."

Art as a means to Transcendence

"Authentic creativity transpires when the artist acts as prophet. He envisions the finished project before it is started; he wills the process by summoning the image and acts as a conduit to channel and transcend in order to give dimension to his vision. The Artist is called upon to convey meaning to our collective experience as sentient beings through literature, fine art, music etc."

How is Inspiration a Catalyst to Art

"Inspiration is aroused by the awareness of an image which is simultaneously within and beyond. A sublime influence is drawn down by the soul/psyche which acts as conduit, germinating the artist’s seed (an inextricable part of his being). Thus, the artist is charged to bring forth and transport his conception to the physical domain. Thus begins the struggle."

How does Art Affect People

"The Artist pierces through our worldly limitation and alienation. Conversely, the force that evokes our contemplations summons a reciprocal interconnectedness. His process and choices relate to his essence and conveys a message he is chosen to convey and exposes something about the artist as well. Choices of forte/ adagio or dark / light etc. are subtleties and nuances used to signify a revelation of the original inspiration and add to our collective consciousness upon which we may commune with one another."

What does Art Convey about the Artist

"We can now grasp at an aspect of the essence of the artist through his creation. His choice of subject matter, how he sets his image within the confines of the canvas, lineal/painterly chroma / hue dark / light translucent /viscose harsh / gentle brush strokes; these decisions, be they bold and unabashed or subtle nuances, aspire to signify a revelation of the artist psyche. In this way the artist is exposed, his private interior is on display for the entire world to see his broken halo."

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