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National Geographic: "One in One Hundred and Fifty in the Western Hemisphere to check in to".

The Historic Blue Moon Hotel was named as one of the best 100 Hotels in Allan Sperry's book, Best Hundred Little Hotels, by Rizzoli.

Listed in New York's 100 Best Little Hotels
New York Magazine Reasons to Love New York

"A refreshing change from the shiny high-rises popping up downtown, the Blue Moon sits in an 1879 tenement that’s been painstakingly restored to reflect its origins.”

– Sandra Ramani, New York Magazine

The Historic Blue Moon Hotel NYC promises an experience that allows guests from around the world the ability to simultaneously lodge at our lovingly restored 1879 award-winning hotel while reveling in New York City’s most vibrant and artsy contemporary culture.

A Hotel for the Arts: A Word by Settenbrino, from Lise Voelter's Documentary, 'Art is your Comfort Zone'.

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Sweet Dreams Cafe serves a variety of Italian dishes from both the kitchen and the bakery. Customers can find seven different types of biscotti, Sfogliatella made with ricotta and candied oranges, or Pizzette with allspice, chocolate and almonds. For something savory, they have fresh focaccia, handmade ravioli and gnocchi, plant-based bolognese, and meatless Neapolitan meatballs that were Settenbrino’s Nonna Carolina’s recipe. Everything from the sauces to the mozzarella is hand-made on-premises, making it some of New York City‘s most authentic home Italian cooking.

At the Blue Moon Hotel the culture of New York City itself is also honored. “More than just thinking about the money that has gone into this project, it’s a memorial to New York, the artists, the architects, the history, the neighborhood,” Settenbrino says. “People that come here should feel that this is a community and should remember a time when the feeling of having a community was the most important thing. I mean, we as humans all share these common denominators and that should be cherished.” - From Rebecca Olshan, for Untapped New York

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