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Experience the epitome of luxury with Bluemoon Tours, where every moment is crafted to perfection just for you.

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"Embark on a hotel tour adventure today!"

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Journey through Bluemoon: An Exquisite Tour

Currently, we are hosting tasting tours with full dinner variations and at the Historic Blue Moon Hotel complimented by the delicious recipes from my Nonna Carolina’s famed trattoria.  
”Settenbrino may fancy himself a painter, but the Blue Moon is his bricks and mortar masterpiece.”  -- Susan Pigg of The Toronto Star

Your guide for this tour , Randy, received his BFA from Brooklyn College . His brainchild The Historic Blue Moon, the last Jewish tenement on Orchard Street, was chosen by National Geographic as “One of a Hundred in The Western Hemisphere to Check into” as well as Allan Sperry’s select in “100 Best little Hotels”, Best boutique Hotel by New Yorker Magazine and City Search. Blue Moon has been the recipient of over forty major articles, NYTimes. L.A. Times, International Herald Tribune, Bloomberg, London Chronicle, Toronto Star, Wall Street Journal, & Forward.”  Share a moment with the recipient of the National Geographic award as one of a Hundred and fifty in the Western Hemisphere. Tour a former tenement-turned-stately-hotel; a five-year art, preservation and design project which has received over 40+ major articles such as NYT, LAT, International Herald Tribune, and the Toronto Star. Join our meet and greet tour with Randy Settenbrino, the artist who painstakingly preserved and memorialized the lives of the tenants and the merchants who resided in the last tenement on Orchard Street to be transformed. 

We present the authentic story behind the personal effects and artifacts curated in 14 collages that detail daily activities of the original tenement dwellers and merchants.


The Historic Blue Moon Hotel Tour offers a range of tours: 30-minute tour $30.00, or a 30-minute tour with taste testing $55.00 45-minute tour with lunch or early dinner $120 pp. We are available for large groups, schools and Shul outings at special discounted prices.

Unforgettable That's What You Are Sweet Dreams Café, located in The Award - Winning Historic Blue Moon Hotel, offers artisan Italian cuisine in a setting of art, history, and culture. Heritage, and a hearty homemade meal, sustains this family enterprise extending to all who enter this beloved ode to NYC's history. Sweet Dreams is based on Vesuvius, Settenbrino's Nonna Carolina's legendary 1930's artisan Italian restaurant

Transformed Tenement Tours and Tastings

Transformed 1879 Tenement offers Weekday Tours see the 14 Collages made from the Personal Effects of Merchants & Tenement dwellers offering an immense visual to step back in real-time, The tour takes place in the Historic Blue Moon Hotel "A Work of Art"; Recognized by National Geographic, as one of 150 in the Western Hemisphere.

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