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A Hotel for the Arts

The Blue Moon Hotel is truly the hotel for the Arts.

Once our five year art preservation and design project was completed, I had the pleasure of meeting with many well-known artists and some quite talented lesser-known artists. The creative energy that went into creating the Blue Moon brought us much media triumph, and was a magnet for people of the Arts. Writers such as Richard Price spent months at a time at the Blue Moon, and created one of his masterpieces while lodging there. Robert Plant, of Led Zeppelin fame, called me up for a tour, and recently we had the enjoyment of hosting famed singer Gregory Porter and his beautiful young family. Preeminent poets and singers, musicians, actors, and actresses, both foreign and American-born, some of them lovely people, others, not so much to say in their merit, but mostly, it was a pleasurable experience. Yes, one of the pleasures of the Blue Moon being the Hotel of the Arts is offering accommodations for celebrities as well those on the path. However, a greater pleasure is providing a sanctuary in the city. People would come to the Blue Moon Hotel in need of solace, after difficulties in their personal lives, or, God forbid, a bereavement. Very often I was told that the experience of the visit brought them much comfort. Yesterday, a couple checked in after being uncomfortable in a nearby hotel. One of them was recovering from surgery. Walking down the hall they looked around with amazement and when they opened the door to their room they shrieked with joy. This gave me so much pleasure because we fretted over every detail in order to provide a space that could offer the feeling of home. Large full baths and new custom-made kitchenettes are practical and add comfort to your stay. Large charming light filled rooms chocked full of historical details, harmonious colors, pleasing furnishings and the1930s Rebecca Lepkoff black & whites add so much to the ambiance. Come visit soon and perhaps I'll get to meet you in the lobby? Best wishes Randy Settenbrino Artist and Developer of the Blue Moon, Hotel for the Arts. Blue Moon Hotel

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