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A Night at the Museum

The Blue Moon Hotel is a boutique establishment with museum-like qualities. It was built in 1879 by famous architect Julius Bockel and later redesigned and restored to function as a hotel by artist Randy Settenbrino. The establishment is seeping in history and art; thus, offering guests a unique stay-over experience where they can immerse themselves in aesthetics and be transported back into a place in history where quality and refinement meet comfort and warmth.

Alongside its immersive museum-like qualities, the hotel provides guests with all the comfort, warmth, and amenities that customers can usually expect. There is free wi-fi in every room of the building and large screen TVs with premium services such as Netflix available to view. Keyless entry, contactless check in, each room features an induction plate, a Keurig coffee maker, tea and coffee facilities, its own kitchenette space, a private bathroom, a mini-refrigerator, toiletries, a hairdryer, and ironing equipment. Many rooms have balconies with some as large as 300 ft and some with commanding views of the city, that guests can use freely for the duration of their stay. There are various rooms available to book, including XL king-size, classic, king-size, and double queen-sized rooms. The XL king is sleeps up to four people with a bedroom containing a king-size bed and the living space containing a queen-size sofa bed, bathrooms are large, period appropriate styling with full tubs, shower doors, most XL King rooms feature hydromassage.

All rooms are available to book through the company’s website and can be booked by guests directly. The hotel can be contacted by guests via telephone or email to answer any questions or queries and is also active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In addition to their hotel services, The Blue Moon Hotel also retails art prints and pictures and memorabilia. These are available to view and purchase on the company's website where interested parties can access. The establishment is seeping in history and art. It houses artifacts, moldings, fixtures, and memorabilia, offering guests a unique stay-over experience that they can immerse themselves in.

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